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Why I’m Here (In 175 words or less)

When I discovered the fitness world, I had little knowledge of exercises, how to do them properly and what the results would be. I still had the preconceived notion that lifting would make me bulky. I still had the preconceived notion that cardio would make me “toned”.

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Becoming a [vegan] lifter is a whole other story. I didn’t know ratios, the best protein and other nutritional knowledge.

I spent many moons researching many different websites about the proper fuel and listened to many “gym experts” about proper form in the gym.

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I wanted to combine that knowledge I already have with lifting and vegan nutrition so others wouldn’t have to go through the same experience I did.

This blog is complete with short different “how-to’s”, “how come’s”, food logs, inspiration from other vegan athletes and any other vegan/fitness topic as well as lifestyle tips.  I hope this helps you grasp a better understanding of the two worlds so you can achieve whatever result(s) you’re looking for on a cruelty free lifestyle.

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