Troubleshooting Your Jumpstart to Health

Ever start a fitness plan that flopped? Attempt a few “best” and the “newest” diet fads only to end up further along in your goals? Have you consumed a bag of Oreos instead of that bag of spinach?

There’s good and bad news for you.

Good News: It’s happened to many of us… including me.
Bad news: It’s happened to many of us… including me.

You may ask yourself, “how is that both good and bad? The better question though is “why is this a constant struggle for the majority of us? The answers lie in the questions.

  1. Why do New Years Resolutions/Challenges set us up for failure?We’ve all been there. Making Resolutions with the full intent giving it our all for the next year. Why do most of us fail? Perhaps, we bite off more than we can chew? Perhaps we don’t have a concrete plan and the proper steps of caring
    them out? Or if you’re like me, going 100% into a new habit doesn’t cut it.
  2. How important is your definition of “health” and why does that affects your desired outcome?We don’t have the same plans when it comes to “getting healthy”. In fact, we all have different definitions of what’s “healthy” for us.
    An example of it effecting our desired outcome: “I’m feeling not good enough for not being able to deadlift 250 pounds if my goal is to lose 10 pounds.” Obviously all the steps I’m following (meals, exercise routine) are driving me to my goal of losing the weight – not gaining enough muscle mass and strength to deadlift that weight.
  3. Why does our motivation decrease over time from completely jumping into a new fitness/eating regime?We lose our “why” and our habits are strong enough to “stick with it” after a period of time (which varies from person to person).
  4. What steps can I do now for myself to ensure success in reaching my lifestyle goals?-Outline your exact goals.
    -Research and know the exact steps to achieve it.
    -Step “celebrations” throughout your journey.
    -Have an accountability buddy for support and encouragement.


All in all, the most important aspect to change is progress, not perfection. It takes about 28-30 days to really make a new habit so if you have hiccups along the way at ANY time, don’t fret. Own it and continue on the next day.

May your goals be fruitful now, into the new year and throughout life.

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