Start Doing This T.O.D.A.Y Mmmmk?

If your aspire to be like one of those cartoons whose body cracks when it’s winter, please ignore this post. IF you DON’T aspire to this, please continue.

yoga, wheel pose, los angeles, fitness, yoga in nature

[Wheel pose on top of Verdugo]

Can you touch your toes without bending your knees? Can you bend over at all without a sudden pressure of something that’s about to break? Try it. Do it now. Right. Now.

Yes. I used to be like that. Like what? STIFF. (Get your mind out of the gutter – ┬ánot THAT) There’s so many benefits that comes with being flexible and stretching besides it looks really cool.

1. Increased Range of Movement in the Joints.
2. Enhanced Muscular Coordination.
3. Increased Circulation.
4.Increased Strength.
5. Quicker Recovery Times (when done after a workout).
6. It Feels Good!

One of my favorite stretches is the “wheel”, a hip flexor stretch and a back/hamstring stretch (above).

hip flexor, stretching, hip stretches, fitness, women's health, vegan bodybuilding

[Hip Flexor Stretch]

hamstring stretch, back stretch, fitness, yoga, yoga in nature, vegan bodybuilding

[Great back & hamstring stretch]

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