Get Off The Scale! Here’s Why

I’ve noticed a lot of people are adamant about losing a set number of pounds. Stepping on the scale turns into a habit. Three things happen when you do this.

A. You have a victory dance for the numbers decreasing.
B. You’re upset for the number increasing.
C. You’re highly frustrated if the number doesn’t change.

I’m here to tell you none of that shit matters…. unless numbers (from a data standpoint) motivates you.

fitness, vegan bodybuilding, health and fitness, weight doesn't matter

On the left: Circa 2011 at my 1st Polar Plunge around 110lbs.
On the right: Cira May 2015 at around 130 lbs.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Who does she think she is?”, “How can this skinny [insert adjective here] possibly know the struggles and difficulty I’m dealing with?”

You’re correct. I don’t know your– struggle or -your- difficulty, HOWEVER, I do know mine. I’ve dealt with body issues even yo-yo-ing between 105 -112 pounds for years while having body image issues. I had different body parts I hated and others I loved. Here’s a comparsion of a 15 pound difference. Yes, 15 glorious pounds.

I always had issues with my stomach and thighs when I was a much lighter weight. Since I had little to no muscle tone, I was what is consider “skinny fat”. I thought if I didn’t eat as much (was vegetarian at the time so lots of dairy and cheese), I could have the flat stomach I always wanted. I was stuck in the cycle of “punishing myself” and then rewarding myself (binge eating) when I saw a little progress.

Fast forward a few years and changing my lifestyle (see: How Starting With Your Plate…), I did an “accidental bulk”. (Bulking is when you deliberately increase your weight and size a few months before you cut – which is the opposite) Usually people who are competing will bulk and cut.

Noticing I couldn’t do pull-ups or even dips, I wondered what was up. I hoped on the scale and saw I weighted around 130. -that solved that mystery-

Even gaining 15 or so pounds, I’m more at ease and comfortable with my body than when I weighted much less. Currently, I’m working on maintaining my size while dropping body fat (I miss my abs). This is me a few days ago:

fitness, vegan babe, vegan bodybuilding, bodybuilding, Vasquez Rocks, hiking, Los angeles

Hanging around the Vasquez Rocks.

So my message to you is don’t take what you weight on the scale so seriously. It’s all about feeling confident and comfortable with yourself so who gives a shit if you weight 135 instead of 115? Visualize your goals, get to work and be flexible about your “stopping point”. You may very well be surprised.

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