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Nutrient Dense Smoothie Bowls

Want a tasty, satisfying, mouth-watering, nutrient dense healthy meal? Why not try smoothie bowls?

Many retailers such as Jamba Juice has freshly made acai bowls loaded with many toppings (that’s not always vegan friendly) for up to $9.00. By making your own, YOU control what goes in, HOW much goes in and you can do it for next to nothing!
Below is the recipe for this lovely concoction you see here, though you can basically do whatever the fuck you want with this. There is no right or wrong… (wait a minute, maybe there is) way to make these.


-Vanilla Soy Milk
-Frozen Strawberries
-Frozen Wild Blueberries

Blend ingredients together and pour into bowl.


-1 Banana
-Raw Cacao Nibs
-Pecan Granola (no honey)
-Chai Seeds
-Hemp Seeds

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