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Epic Double Cheeseburger – Feed The Beast ft. Beyond Meat

I want to talk to you about a new item created by none other than the geniuses of Beyond Meat. Their newest creator is called “The Beast Burger” and with good reason. This is the PERFECT post workout meal to get recover and do it all again the next day!

Each patty is packed with the following:

Basically, this bad boy has more protein and iron than beef and more omegas than salmon.


What You’ll Need:

– 2 Beast burger patties
-Two slices of Daiya Cheese (any flavor)
-Just Mayo (any flavor)
-Burger bun

Cook each burger for about 6-8 mins, until lightly browned on either side and heated throughout.
Add Daiya cheese slice to each patty.
Toast the buns.
Add Just Mayo on both sides of buns.
Put together and enjoy the shit out of it.

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