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How Starting with your Plate can be a Catalyst for a Complete Lifestyle Transformation


How do we usually feel about it? Excited? Happy? Maybe for some, but the general consensus is we want to resist as much as possible. People are afraid to it themselves and what usually happens to facilitate the enviable are external factors – outside of our control.

Instead of waiting on these external events…. and this will sound crazy but… what if…. what IF WE start the process instead? For those who have zero interest in that, please read no further.

So for those of not the faint of heart, what’s your usual way to do this? Jump right in or start slow? Well from my experience, “baby steps” works for me. You might be the complete opposite and that’s awesome.

The most important [slow habit forming] change I’ve made started with the food on my plate. Now hearing the word vegan or plant based MAY scare off some of you or turn you off instantly, but read me out on this! You may relate to SOME of what I’m about to type. Living vegan has opened up whole new worlds for me. Here are a few reasons why:


 1. I am healthier.

I really didn’t care what I ate even when I was vegetarian. I ate the worse kinds of processed foods, the worse kinds of junk food and it didn’t matter what time of day. There was even a point in my life where my “breakfast” consisted of Hersey Kisses and Amp energy drinks. Yup. No lie.

Since becoming vegan, I now enjoy a plethora of other foods I wouldn’t have given a chance before that time. I now love beans, more vegetables and I’ve discovered other foods such as buckwheat and quinoa.

2. I’m more outgoing.

I used to be SO shy. SO shy to the point where it was painfully debilitating. I wouldn’t want to be around social groups, especially BIG groups. Becoming vegan and doing activism more importantly, really brought me out of my shell since I had to interact with the public with such a touchy subject. Granted, I still have my shy tendencies, but it’s greatly improved over the years!

3. I’m more conscious.

I used to not care about where anything came from. I was a mindless consumer. Shopping, drinking, partying on the weekends was my life. Since making this change, I wonder about the products I use each and everyday. I now do my best to make all of my purchases as compassionate as possible towards all living beings and the environment.

4. I have a new sense of life.

We’ve all heard to find our purpose. What’s your purpose. Purpose. Purpose….. purpose! As corny, cheesy and overstated as that word is, it really is true. Having a purpose really creates a new sense of life. Becoming an activist (that stemmed through veganism) in fact has given me a new sense of life since I am a part of something bigger than myself. One major plus about this is surrounding yourself with like-minded people. We all might not agree on every little thing, but being around other people who are working towards the same passion as you, that is remarkable.


Granted, there are many many other benefits I’ve experienced from aligning my ethics and morals with my actions. These are the main four I wanted to touch on in this post.

I believe it’s crucial for all of us to truly understand and reflect on our actions so that we can evolve to become better individuals.

Has anyone had similar experiences or different ones than I? Please share them below!



  1. So true. Going plant-based vegan can, and often is a total lifestyle transformation, in every aspect. Becoming more conscious and taking responsibility for your choices and actions really opens you up to a world of potential. Change starts from within. With each thought we have and each choice we make. We can change the world, one veggie at a time. 😉


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