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Rosemary Tofu with Cheesy Broccoli Recipe

Hey you sexy people. I get repeatedly asked “What do you eat?”. It’s such a general question so I find myself giving general answers which helps no one!

With these recipe series, I hope to provide a bit more insight of what I eat on a daily basis so that you can have more knowledge to apply to achieve that dream body of yours!

This is by far a super easy recipe and you only need a few ingredients! Win. Win.

What You’ll Need:

-1 block of the firmest tofu you can find (I like Trader Joe’s Super Firm Tofu)
-Hemp Seeds
-Frozen (or fresh) organic broccoli
-Daiya Cheese Shreds
-Drizzling Balsamic Vinegar (optional)
-Rosemary Seasoning

Prepare the pan with Coconut Oil Spray and put the stove on low for now.
Drain your tofu and cut up in whatever size pieces you want.
Turn the stove on medium/high, add the tofu and sprinkle as much rosemary seasoning on each side.
Leave on for about 5 mins each side (also depending how brown you want each side to be).
After the tofu is done, add the broccoli and Daiya cheese with some pepper. Allow it to cook for a few mins. I like the broccoli to be a bit brown so I leave it to cook longer.
Plate the tofu and cheesy broccoli. Add the vinegar to the tofu and add the hemp seeds to the broccoli.



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