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Feast on this Fruity Smoothie

Smoothies are my favorite way to recover from an intense lifting session. After having gone months with a blender, I’m super excited to try/brainstorm new recipe ideas (I win some, I lose some) each and every day.

This evening, I prepared this beautiful creation! Packed with omegas, protein, fiber and plenty of other micronutrients, this smoothie will surely leave you feeling satisfied and refreshed.

What You’ll Need:

-4 medium pieces of frozen banana
-About 1.4 cup of wild frozen blueberries
-About 1.5 cup of vanilla flavored almond milk
-1 scoop of Vega Performance Protein Powder Berry flavor
-Chia seeds (whatever amount you like)

Add frozen ingredients first following with the almond milk. Add the powder last so the chances of it sticking to the sides is slim. Blend up until everything is combined. Top with as much chia seeds as you want!

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