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The Best Post Workout Shake

Chocolate and peanut butter lovers unite!

There aren’t many great combinations out there and especially after compassionate badasses lift some heavy shit. This post workout shake is the perfect way to recover, refuel and replenish for many reasons including:

Protein: CheckGym meme, post workout meme, gym memes, funny gym memes

“Fast Carbs”: Check

Fiber: Check

What’s the deal with these? First off, not many people know what protein REALLY is and what it does let alone the other three components.










In order words, protein is amino acids that help rebuild tissue and muscle (among other important things).

Fast Carbs: One example is glorious peanut butter. Replenishing the muscle glycogen is extremely important since it is burned during exercise. Not doing so especially after intense workouts can limit your recovery time. It is also important for those who want to “look swole” even after workoArnold, gym meme, arnold gym meme, post workoututs since it aids with muscle growth. Glycogen stored in the muscles pull water into the cells increases muscle fiber fullness with increased cell volume.

Another important aspect is making sure you feel rejuvenated after a workout so that you’re more likely to do it again. If a person always feels drained after a session, they might not want to “spend all day” recovering.

Fiber: What can I say about fiber? It helps move things along which is crucial for overall optimal health. According to the “Dietary Guidelines for Americans”, fiber was listed as a “nutrient for concerfiber meme, gym meme, bain meme, the benefits of fibern” in 2010 since most Americans aren’t getting enough. Roughly 5% of Americans are meeting the fiver requirement. Yikes! You know what that means. Yes, I won’t type it out for you.

Fiber is also good for keeping cholesterol levels in check and stabilizing blood sugar.




Without further adieu, how to make the best workout shake of your life:

What You’ll Need:

-Half of frozen banana
-1 scoop/package of Vega Chocolate Protein 
-1 large spoon full of organic peanut butter
-Vanilla Almond Milk (amount depends on desired consistency)
-Chia Seeds
-Raw Cacao nibs

Blend all of the ingredients except the chia seeds & raw cacao.
Pour smoothie in glass and top with as much chia seeds & raw cacao as you desire.

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