Tips From My “Four Week Ab Challenge”

So December 9, 2014, while in Vegas, I decided to give myself a challenge-.

What was that challenge?    A four week ab transformation.

Why?     Because that was the one area where I lacked discipline.

Here is the before/after (12/9/14-1/9/14):
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Before I go on, I must state and will state again:


That being said, here’s how I did it.


Weighted Cable Rope Crunch: This is by far my favorite abdominal exercise. This is great for hitting the top part of the abdominals as well as the side obliques. I go as heavy as I can while keep the form good.

*Tip: When you’re in the “number 2” part of the exercise, instead of coming back up fast, do it slowly. Make it a 5 count if you can.

3-4 sets  15-20 reps for each varied exercise.

cable crunch, weighted rope crunch, how to get abs

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Ab workouts, oblique workouts, how to get abs

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Leg Raises on the Dip Bar: This workout really hits the lower abdominals for me. I do my best to do “straight leg”, but I also do “bent leg” holds when necessary. If you want to work the obliques as well, a simple twist of the bent legs when you come up will do the trick.

*Tip: Regardless if you do straight or bent leg, hold for 1-2 seconds.

3-4 sets 10 reps 

Leg raises, ab workouts, how to get abs

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– Seated Leg Raises on Bench: A simple yet effective exercise (for me). I really concentrate on the movement instead of finishing the sets. This typically hits all of the abdominal core I find.

*Tip: Hold your legs out for 2-3 seconds and slowly retract to the starting position. This is going to burn!

4 sets 25 reps

How to get abs, ab workouts, seated leg raises on bench

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– Weighted Sit-ups on Decline Bench: This is the most difficult and challenging abdominal workouts for me. I typically use a 25 lb olympic style weight. For those starting out, use your own body weight and slowly add weight when you need more of a challenge.

*Tip: To hit the obliques, twist at the “top”. Also, for a more of a challenge, hold the weight behind your head but be careful with the weight used. (I can barely do 5 lbs)

4 sets 15-20 reps

Weighted situps on decline bench, weighted crunches on decline bench, abs, how to get abs

(photo credit:


The “Torture Twist”: Taken from “The Four hour Body”. I’m not sure if it lives up to its name or not yet, but I shall when I increase the “hold”. This is a side abdominal crunch where you hold yourself in the twist position WITHOUT back support. For me, I use the “crunch bench” in the previous exercise above to hold myself up (if you have bad knees, -DO NOT DO-).

Gather a bench and another object to secure your legs. You’ll need about two feet of space for the “securing” object and you can adjust the distance needed for the exercise.

Starting: 3 sets 3 reps (each side) hold for 3 seconds
Challenge: 5 sets 5 reps (each side) hold for 5 seconds

torture twist, ab workouts, how to get abs, four hour body

(photo credit:

The Food:

*NOTE: I do not count calories, track macros, or measure anything. I eat whenever I’m hungry so sometimes it could be three times a day or five times a day.

Steel Cut Oats
– I typically use vanilla almond milk or hemp milk when I can find it.
-Peanut butter
-Chocolate syrup (yes, lots of it)
-1 banana cut up

Tofu/Veggies/Rice or Quinoa
-One package or drained pan fried tofu (think really brown)
-Lots of frozen veggies
-Lots of brown rice or lentils
(If I don’t have any sauce available… I.will.use.ketchup.)

Black bean Spaghetti/Lentils/Baked Beans
-A handful of spaghetti
-Tons of  brown lentils
-Lots of baked beans

*NOTE: I will combine any ingredients of the last two lists.

Other Random Ingredients
-Daiya Cheese
-Coconut Milk/Soy Milk Yogurt

“Cheat Meals” (I’ll indulge once a week or so)
(I don’t like the term cheat meal, also I don’t indulge much, but when I do… I do)
-Clif builder bars (sometimes I’ll eat three at one time. No shame)
-Dark chocolate bar (so I won’t eat it in one sitting)
-Newmans “Oreos” (I have been known to eat a whole package in 24 hours)
-Del Taco (bean burritos with gauc) (for those on the West Coast)


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