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Why You Might Want to Try Fasted Weight-lifting

About two weeks ago, I was discussing fasted weightlifting with a fellow vegan fitness enthusiast when Dr. Nun Amen-Ra came up in conversation. He is a vegan powerlifter who’s very fit and practices intermittent fasting eating roughly 1,200 calories only once a day. This athlete also has a powerlifting record of 672 lb deadlift at 176.6 bodyweight.

The video of this incredible feat is below:

Obviously this fascinated me since it goes against everything in the bodybuilding world vegan and not. My friend went on to say how he began to do fasted weight-lifting and had more energy and a better workout because of it. So I decided to try it out for a few days.


“ When the body learns to exert itself without any food, it gets better at performing when it does have fuel in the tank. ”- Greatist.com


Before I started this, I had those thoughts of “That’s crazy!”, “How am I going to get through MY intense workout without food first?”. The surprise is I did get through them, even through my two most grueling days: legs and back.

Some of the benefits I experienced were:

1. Increased energy –

For the best results for me, I did my workouts in the morning with water and Vega pre-workout. I cannot explain it on scientific terms, but the more days I did the “fasted” way, the more energy I had to complete my workouts.

2. Added strength –

It’s really common to think that one would lose strength with an empty stomach, but I had the opposite effect. I made PR’s (personal records) during many of my lifts.

3. My body looks better –

Could I have lost some body fat doing this? Maybe… maybe not. I go by the results I see in the mirror, not numbers on the scale. I noticed that some of my muscles with an emphasis of my abdominals were more pronounced.


(photo credit: drperlmutter)

(photo credit: drperlmutter)

I haven’t been doing this for very long, but I definitely notice a difference in my performance when I had food in my system. I felt weaker and not 100% focused. Could that be connected? I have no clue, but it’s something I will be paying more closer attention to.



  1. Nice, but short article. For how long did You go through the fasting? Will You go on or it was just an experiment?

    Looking forward to read more about this. 🙂 and Dr. Amen-ra is an inspiration for me as well. I definately gonna try this myself.



    1. Somehow I suspect that your aesthetic standards scarcely concern Kimberly. So I suggest that you save your unkind criticism–for she is more substantive than superficial.


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