What Do Vegans Eat?

The age-old question: “What do you eat?”, especially if you do any type of sport or fitness regime. The second question that usually follows is the “protein” one, followed by iron and calcium. Although, these are very important for a healthy life, there are numerous other macros and vitamins & minerals that we need to sustain ourselves and thrive. Luckily for us, we have no issues with that.


Here is a sample of what I eat on a daily basis. Because I’m not yet 100% settled, the food I eat changes daily. Everything listed is what I eat on any given day.

what vegans eat

At Native Foods, I love the Oklahoma Bacon Cheeseburger w/ a chia iced tea and oatmeal cookie.

vegan pizza revpizza

Another great place is RevPizza. This is a fully loaded vegan cheese pizza with all the fixings that aren’t pickled or spicy.



-1 package of oatmeal mixed with lots peanut butter, followed with a Naked Smoothie.
-Acai bowl from Jamba Juice.



-.5 package of a Gardein plant-based meat with brown rice.
– A salad with quinoa, pasta, sunflower seeds, almonds, cashews, chickpeas, spinach, kale & mixed greens with tofu (when available).


-Canned lentil vegetable soup with brown rice, Daiya cheese or Beyond Meat Beefless crumbles.
-A protein bar of some variety.
-If I go out to eat, I stick with seitan burgers, “chicken sandwiches”, pancakes or tofu with vegetables and rice. I’m beginning to avoid fried foods.


-Tofu salad (pre-made)
-Protein bar
-A fresh smoothie made with different ingredients each time.
-Lenny and Larry’s cookies.

Throughout the day I will drink an energy drink if I have one handy and eat a banana or two. Right now I’m not keeping track of macros or anything. I keep the majority of food I eat fresh and healthy. Every now and then I’ll indulge in “junk food”. I’m gaining strength and size during this uncertain time of my life.

vegan bodybuilder women fitness

5’5, around 120 lbs

When I actually starting tracking macros, I will keep a better log complete with photos!




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