Five Things Only Small Yet Strong Women Understand

Tiny and Mighty. Small and Strong.

Woman lifting deadlift golds gym


Who hasn’t heard these endearing and rhyming phrases to describe women and in particular shorter women?

What most people don’t tell you is a few situations you may find yourself in once you start gain strength. Here are the top five that I have experienced and I’m sure many others have as well.


1. Other Body Parts Can’t Handle The Weight

I’ve noticed sometimes my wrists and forearms can’t handle the weight I use for biceps curls, and shoulder presses. Because of this, I’ve learned good warm up routines for these parts as well as incorporating forearms exercises to strengthen them.


2. Gym-goers Often Offer to Help Carry the Weight for You

I know these people mean well, but it can be a nuisance! 45 lbs is nothing for us to load up the leg presses, hack squats, chest presses and other machines we are so beastly at.

Public: if you see a chick doing this, unless she’s about to die, leave her be, she can handle it! If not, we will ask for assistance!


3. Adjusting……….. the machines/squat racks.

How many times have we seen the squat rack sitting on what seems to be a 10 story building with weights still on them? (Public, this is a time when we would ask for assistance) This has happened to me loads of times and even though I’m 5’5, it can be tricky. This includes the standing calf raise! I have also noticed the pull up machines attached to the multi functional structure are really high. I’m weird about jumping so I have to find a step so I can grab onto it. Hey, this gives us a good stretch!

4. People Underestimating You Outside of the Gym

I know you’ve experienced this. Carrying a box, groceries or other “heavy” items and someone is always there to grab it for you… many times without your permission. Chill! I like this mini workout dude! I’ve also worked in a set on the lat pull bar one time and the guy thought I was working out on a much lighter weight. When I corrected him and place it on the same weight as him, he freaked! Yea, buddy I surprised you huh?

5. What am I Supposed to Wear?

After a certain point of working out, your clothes don’t seem to fit anymore. I have donated most of my jeans because my legs have gotten too big for them. Another issue is finding clothes to fit the booty and your waist. I’m a size 1 and well the rest of me is not. Lucky for me, I can wear yoga pants to work.

Lets face it, gym attire is much more comfortable and less constricting. Shouldn’t we all be comfortable?



Have I missed any situations us strong by small chicks experience? What are some of yours? Let us know below!



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