Here are the 7 Most Important Exercises for Women & Men

CHALLENGE: You have 45 minutes each day to devout to working out. What are the most effective exercises you do?!

This may not be a challenge, it may be your everyday life. We all know that we should spend at least 30 minutes a day exercising, but some of us don’t seem to think we have that much time. The fact is we do. We all do. It’s about perception.

You may have a favorite exercises or two that you already do and it could be on this list. Great! The list of 7 below are the most important ones anyone should do. Don’t worry about “being super strong” and using a ton of weight, concentrate on form to make sure you got it and then increase the weight.

1. The Back Squat


This is one of the best full body exercises ever. It works all of the major muscle groups with a heavy emphasis on the leg development. In terms of depth, go as low as you as comfortable with as first and then work on going lower. You may need knee wraps to stabilize them for added safety.

2. The Deadlift


Another crucial exercise is the dead-lift. It took targets most muscle groups. Depending on the style you do, it can target the hamstrings, quads or lower back. With this one, FORM IS CRITICAL! If you’ve never done this before, use the bar without weight or the shorter 20-30 lb barbells and keep your back straight.


3. Pull-up (Wide Grip & Narrow Grip)

The pull-up works the biceps, shoulders and upper back. If you’ve never done this before, using the assist is an awesome way to get started. As you can see on the top, there are multiple grips that you can choose from.


4. Barbell Hip Thrust


This targets your booty. It helps with a healthy back and flexible hamstrings. When doing these, make sure the bench you are using DOES NOT move. I’ve made the mistake of not doing so. Awkward.


5. Shoulder Press


A nice upper body developer. It targets your shoulders and a bit of biceps and triceps. When starting, use a lighter weight to get comfortable with the form and balancing yourself.


6. Walking Lunge (Trying the Treadmill)

Lunges target the hamstrings, glutes and quads. I find using the treadmill is great with improving balance. Set the speed very slow until you are comfortable with a faster pace. Walking lunges using weights is also a great method. For the most experienced and well-balanced, holding a barbell on your back is a great alternative.

7. Dips


To target your triceps, incorporate dips into your routine. For beginners, the assisted dip machine (the same as the assisted pull-up machine) is great to work on your form and build your strength! As your strength increases, you can move on to the stationary dip machine and every the bench like above (with added weight on your legs).


I hope these 7 exercises work wonders for you! Add these where you see fit into your routine and watch the results happen! Stay happy, stay healthy and focus on great form!

Are there other exercises you feel are as important as these? Let me know below!



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