Can Women Skip Chest Day?

I’ve wondering this myself when I was starting to get into fitness. I see these guys with huge chest and I wonder, “I have boobs, so I don’t need to work out chest…. right?”

Chest cable crossover women lifters


Women skipping chest day is the equivalent of men skipping leg day! Here’s the benefits of working out the pecs!

-Chest workouts help develop other body parts-
(Shoulders and triceps)
-They lead to a better rate of fat burning-
-Pecs lift the girls-
(A major plus for me)
-Strength doing everyday activities-

On a typical chest day, I pick 3-4 exercises to switch things up.

Fly/Rear Delt Machine
4 Sets – 8-10 Reps

Chest Press
Incline/Decline/Flat Bench
4 Sets – 5-8 Reps

Bench Flys
3-4 Sets 8-10 Reps

Smith Machine
(allows me to use more weight)
4 Sets 8-10 Reps

Converging Chest Press
(my fav)
4 sets – 10-12 Reps

Cable Flys
4 Sets – 10-12 Reps

Work this muscle grow once a week. You will be sore around your armpits.
As always, have good form and be safe!

Are there other chest workouts that I left out that you enjoy?
Let me know!


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