Boulder Shoulders

“Boulder shoulders? I’ve seen guys with huge ones! That’s NOT what I want at all!”

Stop right there! You don’t want huge “man-like” shoulders? Cool. I don’t either. What a challenge that would be to fit into shirts, hoodies or coats!

Added muscle there gives your whole look an edge. It looks amazing in a dress and actually it looks amazing no matter what you wear! Well rounded shoulders can also help to balance out the rest of your body and may even make your waist appear smaller. It also shows dedication and commitment which can go a long way in other aspects in your life.

Below are the routines I do. I recommend starting with a light weight and good form to avoid injury them. I’ve injured them before and it’s not fun at all (a lot of fitness folks would NEVER admit to that).

I’ve included photos that aren’t mine own for you visual learners.

You also do not have to complete all of them in a session.
Pick 3-4 exercises to switch things up per workout.


– Arms extended out drawing small circles. 25x clockwise 25x counter-clock wise



Overhead BarBell Press
4 sets 8-10 reps

Behind the Head Overhead Barbell Press
(similar to photo above)
4 sets 6-8 reps


One Hand Overhead Press with Dumbbell
4 sets  8-10 reps

Cable Rope Pull to Face
3-4 sets 8-10 reps


Bent Over Dumbbell Lateral Raise
(can be done sitting down as well)
3-4 sets 5-8 reps


Machine Shoulder Press
3 sets 8-10 reps

So there you have it! These are the exercises I do to built & maintain my shoulders. Here is just one month’s difference. NOTE: Your shoulders take time to grow. This took about a year of work previous to this!

Women's Shoulder Transformation 1 month

Happy Lifting!


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