You’ll Never Guess How These Badass Athletes Stay Motivated

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for ways to motivate myself in all aspects of my life. Sometimes it could be a quote, a photo or even one of my friends holding me accountable (which usually sucks when my ego is involved). I reached out to four badass women who are really going after what they want and I asked them the age-old question:

WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO KICK ASS….. no, that wasn’t that question. Let me try again:


This is what they had to say:

Athena Iglesias
*Bikini Competitor for PlantBuilt*
IG: @athena_bean

Vegan Bikini Competitor

It varies from day to day, week to week.   A huge motivating factor for me is remembering what and where I came from. I had a serious drug/alcohol problem. Lived for a bit couch hopping and out of my truck. I tell myself “you have made it this far, and through hell, don’t stop now.” “Be more, do more” another HUGE motivation for me is that I’m doing this for the animals. It pushes me probably more than anything. I push my body so hard and do my best to eat clean and stay on track for the animals. Any pain I feel from my workouts is nothing compared to what they face and feel, emotional and physical pain every single day. Competing and placing well and just representing as a strong fit vegan is sooooo important to be a visual for people to see. You can be fit and strong without harming animals. I have lived and helped out on a small family farm. I enjoyed watching the animals but it was still terrible watching them stand in their own feces. Watching branding. Witnessing the separation of mother and calf. It is heartbreaking. Remembering those cries and bellows from the mother cows….that is what motivates me. As a vegan I see it as my obligation, my promise to the animals to work my hardest everyday to be an aid to end their suffering.

Laura Verbich
Lifestyle Coach & Vegan Advocate*
IG: @gorgeousssleep

Wellness Coaching

My main goal is always BALANCE, WELLNESS & SELF-LOVE.

I found that through exercise, clean eating and hard work comes success, results and true health and happiness! But you cannot have all of these things if you do not love yourself first. My motivation comes from my desire to continuously grow and learn about myself, to absolutely help people on their journey and to show others that vegan girls are strong and healthy!

This is why I absolutely am in LOVE with coaching! I get to work with people every single day who struggle the way I did, I help them to overcome that negative part of themselves that believes they are destined to fail, and I help them see and ACHIEVE their highest potential! Coaching is my LOVE, I live my life through example and I love sharing what I know and what I’m learning! There’s nothing more rewarding than helping someone change their life.

We are all capable of HUGE things… never give up!!!

Cristina Myers
Aspiring Fitness Model, Activist*
IG: @crisveganfit

Vegan Woman Tranformation

I imagined life on a factory farm. A factory farm dairy cow strapped up to a machine hurting her udders that are now infected and filled with pus … Standing uncomfortably in a constant state of pregnancy through artificial insemination to produce milk. I imagined her screaming and crying after her new born baby that is being wheelbarrowed away for veal… I’ve seen the footage and the crying echoes in my head. She’s unable to do anything. She suffers a short life so everyone around me that is lifting can consume whey protein… I got pissed….I got fucking motivated… I ripped through excruciating super sets knowing that my pain could never equal to the pain she was feeling. With every set you complete you are participating in a revolution against the exploitation of animals. Prove to everyone that it can be done… Prove to others that you are just as strong and even stronger… Prove to them that they can make a difference by just being compassionate.

Jillian Salomone
*Bikini Competitor, Yogi*
IG: @Jillianleighfitness

Vegan Bikini Competitor

While growing up, I lead a very active lifestyle. I’ve enjoyed playing sports and have always been draw to exercise. However, in my early 20s I began to lead a very unhealthy lifestyle. I partied into the early morning hours, I ate a very unhealthy diet, I lacked sleep, and lost all motivation to do anything productive. I knew something needed to change, as I was headed down the wrong path. 2 years ago I decided it was time to clean up my act. I became sober, decided to change my eating habits, and get back into fitness. I became a vegetarian and watched my body transform in a very short time. I then set a goal for myself, to compete in my first ever bodybuilding competition as a bikini competitor. I realized that while the vegetarian diet had its benefits, that a vegan diet was the way to go. My goal was to prove, to myself, that I could transform my body and push it to new limits. More importantly, I wanted to show everyone that all this could be done while consuming a vegan diet. I wanted to show that animals do not need to be harmed in the making of my muscles. What motivates me every single day? It is fact that I am training for something bigger than myself.  I’m doing this for the animals and help others lead a healthy compassionate lifestyle. After stepping on stage as a vegan bikini competitor, I received a glimpse of what it takes to be a winner, a role model, and to stand for something I believe in. I’ve set goals to compete in multiple bodybuilding competitions over the next year. The stage, the hard work, and the fact that I am representing something greater then me has lit a fire under me.  I get out of bed at 4:15am, every morning, with determination to be the very best that I can be and hit the gym hard. This is what will allow me to reach my goals, all while raising awareness the animals.

So there you have it ladies! Hopefully these women empower you to really evaluate your motivators so you can put them into action!

How are you motivated? I would love to hear your stories! 

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