“I’ll Get Bulky if I Lift Weights!”

“I’ll get bulky if I lift weights!”, is the one of the most common phrases that women say when it comes to working out. I myself used to say that phrase and avoided heavy weights at all costs.

I would use the leg press, the hip abductor machines, the treadmill & occasionally the dumbbells but 12 pounds max! After a day here or working out, a day there, I wasn’t really getting the results I’ve envisioned myself to have. Sexy “toned” triceps, legs, and a six pack. I also still had body issues even though I was 5’5 & 110-112 pounds. I want to be around 100 pounds because I “thought” I wanted to look like that. Unfortunately, my diet wasn’t that great either.

Even though I always “wanted” my “dream” body, I wasn’t willing nor didn’t know how to achieve it.

It would take me years to figure out that lifting heavy & a vegan diet would in fact would help my achieve this and more! I was never overweight, but like I stated before, I had “skinny fat” body issues. After 8 or so months of 5-6 days of heavy lifting and pushing myself, my body issues have disappeared and I no longer am stressed about “looking” a certain way. I trust the process, even if I overeat to the point of hating myself for a few hours. The next day, I still look great.

Tire workouts for women

Here I am at “UFC Gym” in Torrance, CA moving around a ~175 lb tire!

fitness models, fitness women

As you can see, I still am “feminine” & not “manly” nor “bulky”.

So don’t be afraid to squat 3 digits, use 20+ dumbbells & bust out 250 lb+  leg presses.

Your body & mind will thank you.


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