Gains on Plants?! What?

It’s a similar reaction mostly every vegan bodybuilder gets once people find out your “secret”. People don’t believe you at all…. and then the questions comes in.

“Where do you get your protein from?”
“What supplements do you take?”
“You’re lying aren’t you?”
“You still eat chicken right?!”

The list goes on & for the most part, these annoying questions are validated! The media & other industries have succeeded with creating this perception that ALL vegans are skinny, scrawny and they can NOT function like “regular” people let alone be bodybuilders. Even I had that perception years ago.

We should be excited that people seem interested in knowing more about it. Though there are the exceptions of the people who aren’t genuinely interested, but that’s with everything in life.

The fact is that you CAN make gains on a vegan diet. (That includes no whey) In fact, there are competitors who have been awarded IFBB, IFPA & WBFF Pro just to name a few. All it takes is some planning & the willingness as well as the determination to stick with it.

With this blog, I hope to encourage, inspire & help many people who are unsure of how to get started in fitness & veganism. I also hope to learn from many of you to increase my knowledge base & new techniques I am not aware of! Feel free to comment with any questions, concerns or tips!

Vegan Bodybuilding for Women


  1. Hi!!
    My name is Gloria, I’m from Chile.
    I’m so excited to find your blog!!…i’ m so confused right now about nutrition. I just started a plan that includes weight and cardio workouts as well as a diet, the problem for me is that this diet is low calorie but high in animal protein and really low carb, as if carb was an enemy. Before all this i was really unorganized with myi diet, so i gained weight, but i was used to eat lots of fruits, especially in the morning. I was related to rawtill4 kinda. So it’s hard for me to eat that way, it just doesn’t feel right. My goal is to lose weight and to gain muscle by lifting, so i need to know how to eat without having to add this animal protein into my diet, can you give me an example of what you eat on a day?, please!!!
    Thank you so much!


    1. Hey Gloria!! Thank you for finding me!! Congrats on wanting to become healthier. Adding weights plus cardio is an excellent choice! 😀

      I have an example of what I eat written here on another blog.

      I do plan on adding more food dairies to my blog once I sort them out! When you completely eliminate animal products, you will see some weight loss, just remember not to consume too much junk food and you’ll be good! I hope this helps as you begin!


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